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The London Idea brings great ideas to life through funding, mentorship and connections.


The London Idea brings great ideas to life through funding, mentorship and connections.


Please join us for The 2018 London Idea Annual Event!

The London Idea cordially invites you to attend an annual fundraiser where we will announce the recipient of the second annual London Idea award.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

6:30pm – 8:30pm


600 West Chicago Avenue

Chicago IL, 60654 United States

Open Bar.

Fab Food.

Good Friends. 

Great Cause.

Reserve your ticket today for The London Idea Annual Fundraiser.




The Mission

In 2016, the world lost Adam London - an innovative ideator, passionate connector and avid explorer. Adam’s most humble quality was learning to understand people and helping to encourage all ideas, big or small.

The London Idea’s mission is to honor Adam’s ever curious and fearless nature by empowering bright, young individuals to pursue their ideas connected to one of Adam’s passions – ideation, creation and exploration.


In 2017, we will be partnering with the University of Michigan and The Barger Leadership Institute to help foster and build the ideas of UM Student Leaders.


About Adam

About Adam

Adam London was born in Chicago, IL. A natural born leader and man of many passions, Adam had a heart and drive like few people in this world. Adam studied organizations as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan (where, amongst a few interests, he co-founded a non-profit—Letters to Success—focused on education in Detroit.) After a brief stint in New York City, he moved to Chicago to work as a strategy / management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Then he began diving into the worlds of technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital at lightbank. Most recently, he was building Uptake where he served a Chief of Staff.

Adam was successful in every sense of the word; he was successful in business, successful at being creative, successful at being the best friend and partner. Adam had a way of highlighting the best parts of other people, he gave with his whole heart and spent most of his life encouraging his friends, family and coworkers to pursue their ideas and follow their passions. He made us all feel like each idea we had was useful and purposeful and could bring good into the world.

There was also a very soft side to Adam, he loved the peace and quiet of reading and writing. He loved taking long walks and making lists. He loved watching movie trailers and listening to music. He loved a good whiskey with friends, and a great dinner with his girlfriend. He really, really loved coffee.

He also loved exploring. In the very short time Adam lived, he tried to see as much of the world as he could. He went to Cambodia, Prague, Vietnam, India, Croatia, Minnesota, LA, New York, and Israel. (Just to name a few.) Ultimately, Adam was trying to understand what makes people think and how to help encourage people’s ideas. Adam wanted to bring as many things to life as possible, and ultimately that is what we are hoping to do here.

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